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The experience, thoroughness and dedication to perfection of our great team of professionals in every “in-house” department and solution partners ensure all aspects of a refit project are realized to the highest standards.

All tests and surveys collobrating with local offices of rina, abs, lloyd register and Turkish lloyd

5 year survey, pre purchase, paint survey and valuation survey Approved service with certificate abs and b.v.;

• Vibration measurement
• Sound level measurement
• Pressure measurement
• Lighting measurement
• Indoor climate measurement
• Meger test
• Laser alignment
• Pitting
• Penetrate test sound vibration pulloff test
• Ultrasonic thickness measurement test
• Ndt tests
• Shaft bearing line test
• Main engine to shaft laser line control
• Generator to dynamo laser line control
• Shaft dimensions measurement
• Shaft bearing clearence measurement test
• Shaft and propeller crack and cavitation test
• Shaft alignment bearing up to 30 meter
• Stern tube alignment
• Flange line control and alignment (big and wind power plant grane flange’s)
• Power plant units of chocking applications