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The experience, thoroughness and dedication to perfection of our great team of professionals in every “in-house” department and solution partners ensure all aspects of a refit project are realized to the highest standards.

Having so many variables and dynamics, refit projects doubtlessly require professional and thorough management. That’s when our dedicated and specialist engineers, architects teams of professionals step in and ensure perfect harmony from “day one” to completion. The result is a smooth operation where we are always proud of the results and the ease we provide to our clients.

With years of experience on refit projects, we take pride on thorough inspection, survey and cost analysis before every project so that the client mostly does not have to cope with unforeseen costs or delays.

• Planning & follow up
• Quality control
• Invoicing
• Progress reports
• Presentations
• Client interface
• Contracts
• Data recording
• Accurate guidance
• Change orders
• Material research and organisation
• Class & Flag issues