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KRM shares update on refit of 29m Heesen yacht Newal


Having entered the KRM refit facility nine months ago in Turkey, the 29 metre Heesen yacht Newal is on track for a fully-fledged refit after lying unattended in a marina for two years.

With an estimated duration of 15 months, the work surrounding the refit is substantial, including an entirely new interior, new exterior spaces and 3.6-metre extension. With that, all electric infrastructure, piping systems and engine rooms will also see a complete overhaul.

The vessel had been sitting forgotten in a marina in Turkey for two years and had caught the attention of KRM’s managing director Kerem Baser. “This beautiful lady was staying at our marina part for the last two years and wasn’t maintained for a long time, she was left unattended,” he recalls. “Personally, I was very upset for the situation of her and I was hoping somebody who can give the worth of this vessel would purchase and invest her to return his beauty back.”

One year ago, Baser received a call from an architect, who shared his feelings towards Newal and set out on a mission to revive her. “One architect called our main office and wanted to have a meeting about a rebuilding of an old Heesen that lying on our marina part,” said Baser. “When I received the note, I got really excited and called him back for meeting tomorrow.”

One day later, the pair had a discussion and confirmed that his client had purchased the boat and wanted to rebuild her at KRM.

“In the first meeting, we shared the same energy and shook hands in principle. We began composing a work list, project plan, budget and after two weeks of hard work, we were ready for budget & planning presentation,” He adds. After just a one-hour meeting with Baser the contract was signed.

Now, just nine months down the line the project is on track for completion within the 15-month schedule and the project taking shape. Soon she’ll be back on the water with a fresh pair of zero-speed stabilisers, new profile, engine overhaul, new HVAC system and fresh paint job.

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