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M/Y Impulse refit by KRM Yacht refit & rebuild


KRM Yacht Refit & Rebuild have been shortlisted for Motor Yacht 25 – 40 Metres in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2022.

The key aspect of this refit project was to improve the yacht while still preserving the respect for the yacht brand’s origins and features. The goal for KRM Yacht Refit & Rebuild was to evolve her in a smooth way, so that she may still carry out her identity proudly whilst modernising her image. The reform of this motoryacht, ex Yannina to Impulse, is a comprehensive refit project which includes exterior & interior innovations.

The refit is a design that works well as it is in response to the user’s lifestyle and expectations at the maximum level while improving the characteristics of the yacht. The design has been developed considering various aspects so that the user can experience the spaces in different time zones, conditions, and situations with pleasure. Providing maximum efficiency in the yacht’s spaces was the main aim, so KRM Yacht Refit & Rebuild needed to add features that physically meet the needs of the user, and to do this with a modern, sophisticated touch to make the user’s space experience more enjoyable. Material, add-on accessories, and equipment upgrades were provided where required to realise the project purpose. A new hull and superstructure paint was provided, as well as adding multifunctional features for alternative usage purposes to the exteriors, and rearranging the interior layout to create an additional twin cabin. Structural innovations were performed such as a new hardtop, multifunctional swimming platform and the integration of wider glass inlays to the master cabin broadsides.

Most of the work completed during the project requires a strong, dedicated skillset and experience. Just to name some of these to consider were the carpentry, varnishing and soft furnishing works. Designing and building new objects became a crucial aspect to upgrading and modernising the yacht, but doing so whilst ensuring that the overall design remained attached to its core is another challenge that KRM Yacht Refit & Rebuild has achieved in this project.

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